Abyde is a company that provides software for compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The software is designed to help healthcare providers ensure that they meet the requirements set forth by HIPAA, which are intended to protect the privacy and security of patient health information.

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Project Brief

Abyde wanted end-to-end software tailored to assist all covered entities like healthcare providers, health plans, and healthcare clearinghouses with compliance with HIPAA. The project aimed to create a centralized location for document storage and management, allowing easy access and updating of HIPAA compliance documentation along with all corresponding processes to protect patient health information.

This includes ensuring that patient data is kept confidential and secure and implementing policies and procedures to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure of patient information. Abyde HIPAA provides compliance by providing features like automated risk assessments, employee training modules, and customizable templates for creating policies and procedures.


Faced Challenges

Requirement of a system that covers all entities with bespoke features and an intuitive interface with custom features.

  • A complex security risk analysis quiz
  • Dynamically generated policies
  • Safely save clinic documents by developing Abyde drive(analogous to google drive)
  • Portals for employees, HIPAA compliance officers, and business associates
  • Breach, asset, and access logs
  • Different access rights for PCO, Account user, and HCO

The Solution

The solution was crafted to suit the needs of entities involved in compliance with HIPAA. The intuitive design, API integration, customizable dashboards, and automated compliance checks. Also, an audit workflow automated specific compliance tasks while enabling real-time monitoring and tracking of the compliance data.

The developers gave it a scalable and flexible architecture to allow the developers to grow the software in subsequent versions.

Services Provided

Design PrototypeFront end Development
Backend DevelopmentQA & Software Testing


As of present day, Abyde for HIPAA is leading the compliance industry. They have many customers and partnerships, over 70% customer retention, and are experiencing significant growth. Abyde has been developed in an amalgamation of healthcare technology, law, and software development, and is known for making compliance less stressful for its users.

Technologies Used

PHP Development
Laravel Development
React Js Development
Vue Js

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